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Healthy for the summer? How about healthy for a lifetime?

Our 15 minutes of fame! We were approached recently by the news to do a story on ‘Getting fit for Summer’. My first thought was YAHOO – Sign us up quickly followed by – errrr – summer is just a few days away – we don’t sell quick fixes. Sustained health and fitness results is about doing the work day in and day out.  Making a habit. Sticking to it. Commitment.

MoJo and Alkalization:: Part 2

The focus this week is on alkalization. Our goal should be to have a balanced, slightly alkaline pH for greater health. Some more common ailments associated with too acidic of a pH include acne, joint pain, sleep problems, premature aging, slow digestion and weight gain.

Mojo and Microbiome:: Part 1

In this 3 part series we will share the health benefits of drinking our Morning Mojo from a scientific perspective.  My dear friend Allison Hopkins has experienced first hand the benefits of starting her day with the Morning MoJo and in this blog series, she is going to share with us her research with WHY this is such a powerful drink for health.  She will share with us the incredible benefits to the Microbiome, Alkalization, and Hydration. Read on for part 1, Microbiome.

Welcome to the team, NASH!

Our trainer team has expanded and we are so excited to welcome Nash Roy to our trainer team at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness.  Nash is super nice and is very excited to help our clients live a healthy lifestyle.

His WHY is super personal – he knows what it feels like to be overweight and what happens when you commit to healthy living. 

Priorities Priorities Priorities

This has been my first week back to work after being home with our beautiful new baby girl. I am so happy to be seeing all of our clients again, talking with adults, and showering more frequently(ish). And I am very excited to get working on all of the projects that I dreamed up during my time off.

But… this transition has not been an easy one.

Sometimes you need a major life event to evaluate what is important in life. Sometimes you need to force yourself to sit down and think about what is truly important, most critical, and needs your undivided attention.

It gets a little personal here #pushingcomfortzones read on…

Recipes to make you love your slowcooker

Oh, how I love my SlowCooker, let me count the ways…   SlowCooker meals are a snap to prepare, the flavors come together so nicely in the pot, and dinner is ready when you walk in the door. What I love most about slow cooker meals is how little time they take to prepare. Not […]