How to Choose Happiness NOW

Did you know that you can choose happiness? You can CHOOSE it right now – no matter where you are and how tough it might seem.

Too often we think that when we achieve a certain goal – making a certain amount of money, achieving a specific weight or size, or even finding a relationship we love – then we will be happy.

But the truth is, happiness is a choice and something you create where you are now – not somewhere in the future that’s brought on by an achievement or another person.

There’s no need to say to yourself ”WHEN this thing happens, THEN I’ll feel happier.”

Here are a few ideas on ways to create happiness:

1. Grow yourself – Whether it’s learning new skills, building a new career, reading personal development books, creating new personal practices, etc, there are a million ways to grow yourself. Growth avoids stagnation, which can be a very depressing experience for some people.

2. Give more – This could be giving to charity, giving to a friend in need, or simply leaving a bigger tip for your server at a restaurant. Giving fundamentally makes us feel good!

3. Get into nature – Spending time outside with fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds of the outdoors is 100% good for your soul. You might find yourself seriously inspired if you do this frequently enough!

4. Spend time with loved ones – This can be friends, family, or even your pets. Experiencing love, connection, and laughter is a critical need for all humans.

5. Move your body! Endorphins that make you feel good and happier are a real thing! Humans are designed for movement – not sitting in desk chairs, on couches, and in cars throughout the day before moving to the bed at night. So, do yourself a favor and commit to movement in some way every single day!

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Paige Wilcox

About Paige Wilcox

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