When the Struggle is Real, Show Up Anyways

Before this quarantine, I would never split work with parenting. I would never show up for Zoom interviews without makeup, or preparation, or a shower. But here we are.

My son, Hazen, wanted to train with me today.

He told me no less than 8 times that my ‘feet stink’. He was not wrong…

The struggle is real with kids. Amiright?!?  But… I think the lesson in all of this is to continue to show up and do the best we can with what we’ve got – stinky feet and all.

I hope my commitment to exercise teaches my kids the importance of taking care of their bodies. I hope this teaches them to enjoy challenging themselves in different ways. I hope this teaches them to show up and do the best they can with what they’ve got.

So…  This is our new normal.  Making it work with what we’ve got.

In our LIVEStream training sessions, we encourage you to come as you are and make it work with what you’ve got.  Messy house – crazy kids – barking dog… don’t worry – all are welcome here and our trainers will guide you through your training session to help you feel confident and comfortable with what you’ve got.

They are here to support you.  They are here to encourage you.  They are here to help you find a new normal through these difficult times.

Want to learn more and join us?!?  We would LOVE that!  Check out our LIVEStream Training Program here:


Lots of love,

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