Stop Working Out – Start Training

We want our clients to show up to train, not just to work out – so, what does this mean?

When a client is training in a training session, there is an absolute focus on getting better. You can see it in their eyes, watch the focus on their face, witness their enthusiasm of trying and failing and trying again.

You can even see the frustration when a client notices they missed a piece of the technique on a certain repetition. It could be as simple as holding your breath during a movement. When you train, these things bother you.

The client who is training is trying to maximize the effort they are putting forth in combination with amazing technique. This is what leads them to the results they desire.

So, what’s the opposite of this “training mindset?” It’s the “workout mindset.” There is a difference- allow me to explain…

Clients who are in the “workout mindset” are typically doing their best to make themselves really tired. There is a ton of effort involved, but not enough focus on the technique side of things.

The mindset is “I have to do all the reps” or “I have to lift this much weight,” or “I have to finish to the buzzer regardless of quality technique.”

The mindset sounds like this: “The faster I move + the more I move + the more tired I get = results.” This is not a winning equation.

The result of clients “working out” is boredom, fatigue, frustration, depression, injuries, and a whole lot of time wasted.

The result of the client who “trains” is overcoming fear and self-doubt, understanding that discomfort leads to results, and acknowledge the seriousness of each movement, each effort.

“I’m going to sprint as fast as I can, recover, jog back, and not go again until I know I can sprint again” versus turning the sprint into a jog = results for the client, teaches discipline, learning limits, pushing through fear, testing the motivation.

Clients with this mindset will find things inside of them they didn’t know existed, efforts they didn’t think they could make, and have successes in life (and in the gym) they couldn’t have imagined.

This is why we choose to train and not just workout. This is why we work so hard to foster the focus of our clients on connecting their minds to their bodies.

Training is a mindset. Training makes you better each session. Training brings you things in life that do not currently exist for you.

You can do it. Get out there and TRAIN!!

Lots of love,

​Wilcox Wellness & Fitness

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