Beach Life Bucket List – #MattsStory

Exercising outside has so many benefits. Matt told us about his favorite outdoor activities and what he’s added to his bucket list:

The dog days of summer have come and gone. I do like summer, but I’m not a big fan of the heat, especially not when it’s over ninety degrees and super humid like we get in New England. 

To stay active while also staying cool, I did a lot of swimming. I love to swim! Growing up in northern Maine, there were ample places to swim and I did it religiously. Nowadays, I love to head to a lake or a pool and swim the afternoon away. I can get in a full-body workout and just float when I need a break- I don’t even realize I’m exercising when I’m swimming because it’s just so much fun. It’s so much easier on my knees, too.

I helped install a pool at my daughter’s house earlier in the year, and my other daughter has a camp on a lake, so I had so much opportunity this summer to enjoy the water. My grandkids love the water, too, so I got to spend time with them and even teach them how to swim. There’s just nothing like sitting on the beach and having a great afternoon while swimming and watching the kids play. 

I recently spent a week on the west coast in central California and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Beach life was amazing- riding in the dunes, walking on the cliff trails- it was just so beautiful. And I got in plenty of steps! 

I’d like to go back there from here on out as long as my health and job will let me. It was a new experience and I loved it! I was inspired to continue my training sessions so I can get in better shape so I can hike more and maybe even learn to surf! The surfing looked so fun! It also looked like a young man’s game, but I am still young, right?! I may have to resort to just being happy riding my bike and enjoying the scenery, but surfing is going on my bucket list! 

– Matt


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