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Allison owns Wilcox Wellness & Fitness in Brunswick. She loves kayaking on the coast with her husband and her dog, but would often have lower back pain afterwards. ​

When shopping for a new kayak a few years ago, she asked about a more supportive seat to help increase her comfort in the boat. She was told that she needed to build her core strength in order to support posture through her back, and not rely entirely upon the seat-back for support.​

One of the benefits of owning a personal training business is that you have access to a lot of training opportunities. Since opening Wilcox Wellness & Fitness in January of this year, Allison has been participating in 3 training sessions per week (just as we recommend to our clients as the sweet spot for great results).

This summer, she has noticed an incredible improvement in how she feels. She sits upright in her kayak with ease. Not only does her lower back no longer hurt, but her posture allows her to paddle more effectively with her mid-section and not incorrectly with her shoulders.

This results in greater power and speed when paddling, so more distance can be covered without being fatigued – and that means that she’s able to beat Eric to one of their favorite shoreside lobster roll stops. Allison is exploring greater distances this season and spending more time on the water with less discomfort.

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