Easiest, Healthiest Brownies Ever

Have you ever heard of “nature’s candy?” This term refers to dates, which are an awesome and handy ingredient to cook with. This brownie recipe (made with dates!) is super easy to make and also super healthy!

Dates are amazing because they’re sweet, fiber-rich, and fantastic to add to shakes, chia pudding, or … yes … even brownies. They are great to keep stashed in the cupboard.

These make tasty, high-fiber treats you can enjoy any time of the day.

(Tip: For a grain-free version, try replacing the oats with almond flour. Because almond flour has a higher fat content than oats, depending on its consistency, you likely will have to cut down on the amount of almond butter you use. You also can experiment by using different nut butters.)

I hope you LOVE this recipe!

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We hope you love it! Happy Snacking!

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