If Not Now, When?

​Do you have a defining moment in your life where everything changed?
The moment I decided to go for it and join this business full-time was unforgettable. Mike and I were at a business conference in Orlando and he was laying it on thick for me to make the leap. (Our goal all along was for me to join the business once we had been in operation for 5 years… because you know… most businesses fail in the first 5 years.)

If I was going to leave a corporate job that I loved – I wanted to know that it was the real deal. Don’t get me wrong – it was always my dream to own my own business – it was always my dream to make a positive impact. I just didn’t feel ready – 3 years in. I can see the street we were crossing, I can see the crosswalk, I can feel the breeze on my face and I remember the inflection in Mike’s voice with the words that changed my life…

“If not now, when?”

These words changed my life. Those words were the push I needed to shift my mindset and just go for it. I made the decision – we went for it – and I never looked back.

And now… I am living my dream life. Our business supports others in living their best life possible. Our business empowers other entrepreneurs to create a positive impact in their local community. And – I get to do it all with my very best friend from anywhere in the world. Like today – we are working, writing, and creating content out at our camp.

I am so very thankful that I took the leap when I did. It was probably the scariest and most difficult leap of my life – but nothing in life that is worth doing is easy.

Can you remember an exact moment from your past that completely changed the direction of your life? Or – is there a decision you are waiting to make? Can I push you to take the leap?

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Lots of love,


Paige Wilcox

About Paige Wilcox

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