We figured out how to eat on point while dining out!

People always ask us what to order when they are dining out OR worse – they just order a boring ole garden salad with grilled chicken.  You can stay on point with your nutrition while you are dining out and have fun!

For 9 years I worked as an account manager and I was out to eat with either customers or suppliers at least 4 times per week.  Entering this job, one of the more senior reps had warned me that I would gain weight with all of the restaurant meals and sitting on long car trips.

I was determined that this wouldn’t be the case for me so I researched and researched and figured out how I would be able to stay on point with my health goals even on the busiest of weeks.

Here, years later, I am sharing what I learned from that experience in our Dining out Guide.

Eating on point when you are dining out is so simple if you stick to just a few basic guidelines. We include these guidelines in our Healthful Living Guidebook but I made this Dining Out Guide as an extended version of that so that you will know how to order based on the type of restaurant you are at.   With this guide, you will learn how to order like a ninja when you go to:
● Diners, delis and sandwich shops
● Burger joints
● Mexican restaurants
● And so much more!


With this guide you will know EXACTLY what to order to stay on point with your #goals so that you are feeling great and have the energy to do the things that #setyoursoulonfire.

Also – you don’t need to order a boring ole’ salad with grilled chicken on it. There are so many great options at literally any restaurant you go to!

Download your guide here.  We hope you love it! Please let us know if you have any questions at all! ​


Paige Wilcox
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Paige Wilcox

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