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Both inside and outside the gym, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and set you up for success.  We believe that life is meant to be lived and not spent in a gym, so that is why we run our business a little differently than many in our industry. We require long term commitments to a training program to help our clients get long term results. We have a long(ish) and intensive(ish) onboarding process designed to set clients up for success and let them know what to expect along the way. We send a lot of emails that provide value around establishing a positive mindset and living your best life outside the gym. We dedicate time, energy, and resources to engage and connect with people in person and on social media. We will always strive to add value to your experience with us because we want you to succeed. We have bazillions of free resources on our website to help get people started with healthy living in the privacy of their own home if they are not ready or they are too intimidated to join a gym just yet.

None of these things are revenue generating activities. But we are committed to continue to provide this value. We are about creating impact. Impact in our the lives of the people we serve. Impact in our communities. And impact for our our team. We are so proud of the business we’ve created, and we know that our tribe will always be on board with the way we choose to live out our values in the work that we do!

The video below is a montage of our WILCOX Trainer Promise – the values the out trainers commit to deliver on inside each and every training session.


We don’t hire our trainers because they love fitness [they do] –  we hire them because they love people and they love helping people live their best life.  And that makes an incredible community here at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness.

We would love the opportunity to welcome you to our community.  We understand there’s a good chance you never considered joining a personal training program.  We get it. It’s easily something that people think they don’t have the time for it or it is cost-prohibitive to work with a personal trainer.  But – we designed our group training program just for you. We know you are busy and that your schedule is different week to week that is why we have training sessions that run all throughout the day 5:30am to 7pm.  That is why you only need to register for training sessions an hour in advance [and take yourself off the roster with an hours notice – for times when you get pulled into a last minute meeting or your kid gets sent home sick from school.] That is why you don’t need to commit to any one training time slot – come to the sessions that work best for your schedule on a week by week basis.

And the pricing? It is important to us that you work with a trainer who will meet you where you are, coach you on proper form and technique, and care for you as an individual so that you get the best results possible.  It is also important to us that you don’t pay a fortune for this service. Yes, we are more expensive than other traditional gyms. But we are not a traditional gym. We are a personal training business. Every time you train with us you are training with a full time certified personal trainer who is 100% dedicated to your success.  Our trainers live, breathe, sleep, and obsessed over the client experience [your experience.] Most of our clients train with us 3 times per week and pay just $39 per week. We also have training programs that calculate out to just $26 per week.

We would love the opportunity to get to know you and help you gain energy, confidence, and stamina.  You deserve to feel incredible. So, be honest… are you ready to try something new?

Schedule a quick call with us so that we can learn more about you, your goals, and what you are looking to get out of a training program.

We are so excited to chat with you!

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About Paige Wilcox

This blog, Inspire Healthy Living is focused on actionable strategies for healthy living that are going to make a major impact on your life. I will be working with our trainer team to cover a broad range of health and fitness topics that can be easily integrated into your daily life. At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, we are passionate about helping people live their very best life and we believe that the foundation for your best life starts with a commitment to healthy living.