How to stick to your goals during the holiday season…

Fox News was asking us how to stick to your goals during the holiday season and we have a few suggestions….

ENJOY the HOLIDAYS!  Yep – thats right…  ENJOY the time with your family.  ENJOY the time away from work.  ENJOY the pie.  We only have this one life – no need to stress over missing a workout or 2 or enjoying your favorite foods with your favorite people.  SAVOR the moments.  Breathe deep.  ENJOY.

Keep perspective.  Know that the holidays are only just a few days out of the year.  In the US we have 10 federal holidays.  10/365 = 2.7%.  SO – holidays are 2.7% of your life.  AND – that is including days like Columbus Day.  So back to #1 – ENJOY these days – don’t stress over missing a workout or overindulging.  ​

Stay consistent with your healthy habits.  “Habits are the invisible architecture of daily life. We repeat about 40 percent of our behavior almost daily, so our habits shape our existence, and our future. If we change our habits, we change our lives.” – Gretchen Ruben.  Even during the holiday season you can be on point with your healthy habits.  What healthy habits you say?  At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness we have identified the 5 Habits that will have the most impact in your life – things like drinking water, eating mostly whole foods, nourishing yourself throughout the day, starting your day with breakfast, and being active 3 times weekly.  All of these habits can be easily maintained during the holiday season.  Want to learn more about our Habits for Massive Impact?  Click here to watch a presentation that explains it all – for FREE.

Fox News joined us on Thanksgiving for our traditional Turkey Burner.  They did a BEAUTIFUL job capturing the essence of the TURKEY BURNER workout!

Click here to read the complete article from Fox News: Post-feast fitness: sticking to your goals during the holidays.  I think you can see from the news story video clip that we like to have fun.  Our training sessions are always different which not only keeps your body getting great results – it keeps it fun – it keeps it fresh – it keeps it exciting!  ​


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