Thoughts on Immediate Results

Most people wish that they could see immediate results when they get into a fitness routine.  You are not that person, are you? **wink** **wink**

Or, if you’ve been working out for a while and you just crushed a workout – you should instantly be in better shape or look stronger – like all of a sudden your muscles become instantly defined!

However, there are some things that happen throughout a training session to give you immediate results.  

You showed up when there are millions of other things I’m sure you could have done – you immediately did something great for yourself because you trained today!

You got over your fears of “how bad is it going to be” – facing your fears is a huge accomplishment!

You fought through when you didn’t think you could – how awesome is that?

You relieved stress, proved you are a role model, inspired others, took one step closer, improved your mood (this also helps others), and set the tone for your morning, afternoon, or evening.

There are so many immediate, positive results to focus your mind on!  See if you find yourself accomplishing some of these in your upcoming training sessions.

What other results do you notice inside your training sessions?


Paige Wilcox

About Paige Wilcox

This blog, Inspire Healthy Living is focused on actionable strategies for healthy living that are going to make a major impact on your life. I will be working with our trainer team to cover a broad range of health and fitness topics that can be easily integrated into your daily life. At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, we are passionate about helping people live their very best life and we believe that the foundation for your best life starts with a commitment to healthy living.