Healthy for the summer? How about healthy for a lifetime?


Who doesn’t love to share what they are passionate about? We were so excited when we were approached by the news to do a story on ‘Getting fit for Summer’. My first thought was YAHOO – 15 minutes of fame, sign us up quickly followed by – errrr – summer is just a few days away – we don’t sell quick fixes.

There are no quick fixes in terms of sustained health and fitness.

It is about doing the work day in and day out.  Making a habit. Sticking to it. Commitment.

How about get fit for summer 2019?  No bueno.

What we were able to talk about in our segment is the 5 habits you can commit to for lasting health and fitness.  

These habits might not make you shed 20 pounds in as many days but they WILL have a massive positive impact on your health in the long run.

The habits we are talking about are:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Consistency
  3. Whole foods
  4. Water
  5. Getting active

(If these habits are new to you, download our Habits for Massive Impact PDF here to learn more – why the habits are important, strategies on how to implement them in your daily life, all the juicy details!)

Super basic, right?  BUT if you are not already committed to these habits, something as simple as drinking water can have a dramatic impact on your life – in just one or two days.  

HALLELUJAH!  We do have a quick fix!  Drink more water! If you are not already drinking the recommended ½ your body weight in fluid ounces daily you will notice at least one of these incredible positive impacts almost instantly:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Less hunger cues
  • Improved quality of your skin
  • Less pain in your joint

Now challenge #2 – how to get fit for summer in 90 seconds.  At this point I tapped out and passed the mic to my husband, Mike with a ‘good luck buddy.’  

Mike took this in stride and came up with 3 things to focus on in terms of physical activity.  

  1. Mobility
  2. Cardiovascular conditioning
  3. Strength

Mobility is incredibly important and we focus a lot on mobility in our training sessions because it allows you to move freely and gracefully doing all things in life without compensation.  

Cardiovascular conditioning helps keep your heart strong and healthy.  

And finally, strength so that you can live daily life to the fullest.

There you have it – how to get fit, live healthy, and sustain it for a lifetime in 3 minutes.  BOOM. Did we say we didn’t have a quick fix?

You can watch our segment here:


In all seriousness, it doesn’t have to be super complicated to get in to good shape and live a healthy lifestyle but it does take consistency and commitment.  

Happy Training!

Paige & Mike Wilcox

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