Wilcox Wellness & Fitness to open a second location in Brunswick, Maine

We are so incredibly excited to announce that we are in the process of opening a second Wilcox Wellness & Fitness location in Brunswick, Maine.  

We hope that it comes through in all of our messaging, but if you can’t tell already, my husband Mike and I are incredibly driven to help positively impact our community.  We truly believe that when people commit to healthy living the world becomes a better place to live.

We believe that Wilcox Wellness & Fitness is much bigger than us.  It is all of you, it is all of the trainers, it is the charitable organizations that we support, and it is our community.  

Over the last year, Mike and I have been hard at work creating a franchise agreement and building out our operations manual so that the work that we do here in Bangor can be replicated in more communities to create more positive and lasting impact.

On Wednesday last week, we signed on our first franchisee and made the commitment to open a second Wilcox Wellness & Fitness location in Brunswick, Maine.

We are beyond excited to get to work on this exciting project to impact more lives.

Thank you for being our community and for sharing with us the stories of how Wilcox Wellness & Fitness has impacted your lives.  Your stories have inspired us to take this next step with our business.

Help us spread the word!  Tell your Brunswick friends that great things are coming!

Much Love,

Paige & Mike Wilcox

Paige Wilcox

About Paige Wilcox

This blog, Inspire Healthy Living is focused on actionable strategies for healthy living that are going to make a major impact on your life. I will be working with our trainer team to cover a broad range of health and fitness topics that can be easily integrated into your daily life. At Wilcox Wellness & Fitness, we are passionate about helping people live their very best life and we believe that the foundation for your best life starts with a commitment to healthy living.