Keep moving to keep your balance

This is my grandfather riding his bike (OK trike) at 92 years old. He was headed to the post office. He could have driven but he chose to keep active and ride the bike.

My grandfather kept moving his entire life.  And because of that, he was able to continue to do all the things he loved to do up until just months before he passed away.

When people come to us to start a training program we always look understand their goals, but most importantly their WHY.

Everyone (OK – most people) wants to be healthy and fit but everyone’s motivation comes from different sources. I have never known anyone with a more solid WHY than my grandfather.

He had 4 children, 9 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren and he not only wanted to be around for them, he wanted to have experiences with them (fishing in the Florida Keys, imaginary bear hunts, long chats about life), work in their businesses (he ran the laundry and did the trash run for my cousin’s rental business – good luck if you tried to keep up with him…. he did this rolling stop thing with the truck where he expected you to get out before he put it in park #tuckandrollkid), and most importantly ‘not be a burdon’ to anyone.

Let me tell you… he was one special guy. He was one of the inspirations for our business – even though he could never believe in his wildest dreams that people would actually pay to work out. He made me who I am today and I am forever grateful.

Hope this serves as a little bit of inspiration for you today.

Much Love,

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