When to Push, When to Rest – A Moving Target

When it comes to working out, there is a fine line between working too hard and not hard enough to achieve amazing results. We work out too hard, we become tired, develop bad habits, and become injured – and injuries hold us back. When we do not workout hard enough we become disappointed and frustrated the progress is not what we hoped it would be. As your fitness level improves, this truly will be a moving target. Therefore, you want to be in tune with each and every workout to ensure you are making the most of your time and your effort! This truly will be a moving target.

As you are learning your body, you will want to tune into how you are feeling throughout your training sessions (workouts). Take the time to cue into what your body is telling you. The key to any successful training session is to put in a good effort so you get a little “uncomfortable” but leave your training session feeling great, not destroyed!

It takes a lot of discipline to push yourself the right way and knowing when to dial back the intensity to ensure proper technique. When you feel yourself getting tired you will compensate – it is at this crucial moment that you ask yourself – “Can I regroup and get my technique back on track or do I need a few seconds to rest?”. Making the right choice will prove to be more beneficial to your long-term health and fitness goals.

When to Push, When to Rest

Another way to think about this dilemma is: If you do not need a rest… you’re not doing it right. In other words, you’ve got to get uncomfortable in order to make progress. This goes for anything we do in life.  What’s exciting is by focusing on “when to push and when to rest” you will be accelerating the results you are working so hard for. You will be making more out of your time and effort and you will continue to learn about yourself and grow into a more fantastically fit and able person!! Just by focusing in your workout a little more. Exciting!!

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