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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are a time for celebration with family and friends. They’re also the time of year when many people find themselves “falling off the wagon” when it comes to healthy habits. This can lead to a lot of guilt and stress during a time that should be enjoyed and cherished.

Many people deal with this stress by rationalizing ‘It doesn’t matter – I will get back on track in the new year.’  The problem with that is that by slacking off during the holidays you are going to feel like C-R-U-D and come January 1 you are going to be working against a lot of resistance to get back into your healthy habits.  

ALSO – who wants to feel like C-R-U-D during the most wonderful time of the year?  Not me – I want to feel vibrant and full of energy so that I can take in all of the wonderment of the season.  PS: food even tastes better when you are feeling good!  

I wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave to cure the ALL OR NOTHING mentality.  I believe that this is the most destructive mentality there is in terms of health and fitness.  

The ALL OR NOTHING mentality sets people up for a vicious cycle of deprivation and over exercise (which by the way is not sustainable) and total apathy.  

As the owner of a health and fitness business it is so sad for me to see people vacillate between these two extremes.  When these people are our clients, we coach them through the process even when they are in the ALL IN phase encouraging them to embrace the 80 / 20 rule.  

80% of the time, be on point with your nutrition and exercise so that the other 20% of the time you can really enjoy life.

That means that people can go to the holiday party, enjoy their favorite treats, relax, enjoy themselves, enjoy the conversation without feeling guilty and get back after it the next day with a renewed sense of commitment.

SO – what is the solution?

Commit to healthy habits that you can sustain for a lifetime.  At WILCOX, our mission is to inspire people to enhance their life by forming healthy habits they can sustain for a lifetime.  We have identified 5 habits that most people struggle with that will have the most IMPACT on your life.  

These are habits that you can keep anywhere – traveling, at grandma’s house, with your family, on a month long backpacking trip, caring for a loved one in the hospital – ANYWHERE.  

Habits bring structure to our lives.

Habits determine our future.

So what are the habits that are going to bring structure to our life and set us up for success?

Super simple, right?  Nothing crazy here!  We are not talking intermittent fasting, or Keto Dieting, or gluten free / dairy free / (natural) sugar free / fun free.  We are talking wholesome habits that you can sustain for a lifetime.  

And – you only need to be on point with these habits 80% of the time to live a healthy lifestyle – so take the other 20% and LIVE IT UP.  

These habits were designed for our clients who train with us 3x per week – our sweet spot for getting great results FAST.  On your own you are able to – eat breakfast, nourish yourself throughout the day, eat whole foods, and drink your water but most people don’t know what to do when it comes to exercise.  

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.  I asked our team to come up with a simple bodyweight workout that you can do on your own at home.

Click Here to Watch

I hope this helps you stay on track over the holidays so that you can really enjoy that time with your friends and family, live it up at your holiday parties, feel amazing, and enter the new year feeling freaking FANTASTIC!

If you are interested in really stepping it up and committing to your health and fitness in the new year, check out our KickStart Program which is designed to help you implement these healthy habits we have been talking about and sustain them for a lifetime. How is that for an amazing gift?

Most importantly – ENJOY this holiday season!

Much Love,

Paige Wilcox

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