Together We Do More Good

Do you ever get the urge to help more or to do more good? I am sure you do… I think it is human nature to want to help others and make a lasting impact on the world.

Well… I have had the urge to do more good for a while now and I have been looking for an organization that our business can partner with to create more IMPACT in our local community.

Our mission at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness is to help people enhance their lives by forming healthy habits that can be sustained for a lifetime. We are able to do a great job helping our clients achieve this mission and we have been looking to do more good.

I first learned about Sarah’s House through a Rotary presentation about a year ago. Being from a remote community in Maine, I was very moved by the amazing work that they do to support people who are traveling to receive medical treatments.

I didn’t know Sarah personally but I do know that she was about my age when she was diagnosed with cancer and her daughter was about the same age as my son. I was very moved (to tears actually) by her story and her ability to go through the most difficult time of her life and still fight to help ease the burden for others. Talk about inspiration…

The past few weeks we have been meeting with the organizers and board members of Sarah’s House to see how we can help. The mission of Sarah’s House and Wilcox Wellness & Fitness are very closely aligned and we are so excited to support Sarah’s House, give back, and do more good.

Sarah’s House has overwhelming support from the community at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness and we are incredibly excited to be supporting this incredible organization.

Sarah’s House provides a ‘comfortable home away from home’ for cancer patients and their caregivers while they are receiving cancer treatments in the Bangor area.  Sarah’s House serves people in Maine who need to travel more than 30 miles to receive their medical treatments.

At Sarah’s House, patients and caregivers tap into a wonderful support community and are able to connect with others who are fighting the same fight with cancer.

We have pledged to raise $5,000 annually for this incredible organization through our new Check-Ins for Charity Campaign.

If you don’t know about Sarah’s House- take some time to watch this video. (get the tissues ready)

We are so excited to be working on this new initiative to support Sarah’s House!

Together We Do More Good.

Happy Training!

Paige Wilcox

Paige Wilcox

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