How to talk your way through your workout

Everybody has those days when they “just aren’t feelin’ it.” It could be the weather that has you down or you haven’t gotten enough sleep but for whatever reason, you just can’t get yourself jacked up enough for your training session. It happens to everyone.

Every training session is a roller coaster – the highs make you feel like the next American Ninja Warrior and the lows make you want to quit on the spot. Just know everyone is in the same boat – here is an invitation inside my brain as I was gearing up for my last GPT 3. Hopefully, some of my mental chatter will help you crush your next workout.

9:55/ Ugh. I don’t feel like moving. Just. Not. Feeling. It.

9:58/ OK – bailing is not worth it. I will feel good after.

10:11/ Foam rolling is feeling good… maybe I will just stay here – rolling around on the floor.

10:15/ Forget it. I will just pretend I came in for an RX Bar – I can train tomorrow.

10:16/ Dangnabbit. Tomorrow is too busy. I have to do this now. Gah. Alright, alright, just do it.

10:21/ Ok I see the setup. It looks like has the ladder and the sled set up. Kettlebells, good. Dynamax balls check. Oh, billy… what do they plan to have us do with that tire?

10:30/ The clock is running go. The first few exercises are the hardest. Just get into the groove. Gah – not feeling so hot.

10:37/ These deadlifts feel awesome. I am crushing it. Tight grip, lean back, pop the chest. Wait… what pants am I wearing? Are they see-through?

10:42/ Yea… I am awesome – doing great. Much better than I thought I would. Why do I get so worked up? Just do it.

10:49/ Well past half way now. Don’t slack off. Keep it up. Focus.

10:50/ Argh. I keep losing balance on the indo board. No. More. Touches. Ok – I got it going now. Dang. Nobody look at me.

10:51/ Focus. Find a focal point. Control the breathing. Noooo touches… Gah – lost it. Some days you have it, some days you don’t.

10:53/ Ok last couple of sets. Time to finish strong. Finish Strong. Empty the tank.

10:55/ I am drenched in sweat. That feels awesome. I always feel so much better after a solid workout.

11:00/ Woot. I am proud. Happy. I feel like a ninja – no like a power ranger. Bam. High Fives all around!

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed the journey through the chatter of my mind. I think at times we all go through the same amount of mental chatter. The important thing is to get through it, get to the other side and know that we are always going to feel like a power ranger after an awesome training session.

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