How to be part of the 8% who will achieve their goals this year…

Achieve Your Goals


New Year’s is often the time when people celebrate new beginnings and are setting fresh goals and plans for the year ahead.  8% of people who will set goals or resolutions for the new year will achieve those goals.  What is the difference between those who stick with their new years resolutions and the 92% who don’t?  The individuals who achieve their goals have a solid why behind the goals they want to achieve and a path to follow with small steps on a daily basis to achieve those goals.

Start with why…
Many people set a goal of wanting to lose weight, get toned, or make more healthful choices.  These are great goals but rather than focusing on the end product, think about why these goals are important to you.  What will happen in your life when you lose the weight, get toned, or make more healthful choices?  Think about it – lets talk straight weight loss.  What does a number on a scale do for you?  Absolutely nothing!   You could easily lose at least 30 lbs by cutting off your left leg.  If all you want to do is lose weight – you can very quickly achieve your goal of losing 30 lbs if you hack that leg right off.  Gruesome, I know but stick with me a moment.   When you set a goal of losing weight what you really want is all of the associated benefits with weight loss.  Let’s focus on those instead.  They are much more encouraging and positive to think about then those numbers on the scale.  When you lose weight, you will have more energy to do the things you love to do.  You will gain the confidence to excel in all other aspects of your life.  You will be able to live your life without limitations and be up for just about anything at the drop of a hat.  You will improve your health so you can live a long, long life with those you love.  These are the true reasons WHY people want to lose weight.  Let’s focus and get very clear on the WHY first – the WHY is much more compelling than the actual end goal.

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We have created a workbook to take you through the process of looking at your life getting to your core WHY and setting goals with an action plan to achieve those goals.  Take some time, sit with these questions and really think about the life you want and what you are willing to do to get there.  You can request this goals workbook here:    Below I will talk you through the process of working through the goals workbook – just to get your juices flowing…

What do you want in life that you don’t have?
Do you want to be able to hike mountains?  Enjoy gardening with out taking breaks for your achy back?  Feel great in your skin and in your favorite jeans?  Have the confidence to be out an about on icy days know that you won’t slip, fall and hurt yourself?

What do you have in life that you don’t want?
Stress, anxiety, clothing that doesn’t fit well, exhaustion, limitations, debt, bad relationships, etc…

What is the most important to you in life?
Family, work, health, financial freedom, relationship with spouse, children, etc…

Where do you want to be in 10 years…
With this question focus on your vision for your life in 10 years – think about the big picture… Be realistic, but also inspired.  Think about the possibility and not the probability.  Take some time and really visualize bot personal and professionally what your life will look, feel and be like.  For example:

In 10 years I will be running my own business inspiring others to live their very best life.  I will be leading a team of 12 full time employees who are dedicated and inspired by the mission of our business.  I will have 2 very healthy, well rounded children who love life.  My husband and I will enjoy spending time with each other, our family will travel often.  We will have a solid work life balance where we work hard, play hard, and have lots of time for family.  I will be living a healthy life and will be up for anything that my active family wants to do – hiking, biking, waterskiing, and snowshoeing will all be on the menu.  These activities will recharge me and give me the fuel to be successful in all other aspects of my life.  I will continue to learn and will attend at least two conferences annually and will read at least one book per month.  Life is going to be awesome!

Get Set!
In this section we begin to develop our action plan.  These are the key actions that will help you achieve your goals and design the life that you want for the future.

What are the top 3 priorities that will set you up for success?
These are your critical success factors.  Most people set life goals around the 3 major pillars of their life: Health, Family, and their Professional Life.  Think about the 3 success factors that will contribute to every factor of your life.  Think about your WHY – what will it mean in your life when you accomplish each priority?  WHY do you want it?  What are the benefits associated with achieving this priority?  Think how you will feel when you have achieved this goal.  Take the time to visualize that success.  For example: I will work out 3 times per week.  This will improve my overall health and help me feel better.  This will melt my stress away and give me the energy to be all in for my family.  Working out will also help me be more focused and productive at work.

What is ONE thing that you will do within the next month to achieve each of your top priorities?
The first step in any journey is the very hardest.  Once you get going, you will gain momentum and things will get moving for you with less effort.  But the first step is the very hardest – be easy on yourself.  Write out just one action that you will complete towards each goal in the next month.  These actions can be small – we are talking baby steps here.  For example:

GOAL 1 Action: Clean out refrigerator of temptations – get rid of all packaged and processed food and eliminate all sugar from your house.  By January 3rd.

GOAL 2 Action: Institute a date night with spouse.  Line up babysitter…  By January 19th.

GOAL 3 Action:  Block time on calendar at work to work on specific projects – focused Productive Time!  By January 4th.

Who is on my team?
Get your roster of supporters set up.  Who is on your team – friends, family members, coaches, co-workers, workout buddies, etc…  Line them up and determine how they can help you.  What is their role in your success?  Talk with these individuals and let them know what you are up to – share your WHY with them and let them know how they can contribute to your success.  For example:

  1. My Husband – can help by keeping sweets out of the house
  2. My Workout Buddy – can help by holding me accountable to 3 workouts per week
  3. My Coworkers – can help by respecting my blocked ‘Focused Productive Time’

Success Accelerators:
What factors will help you accelerate your results?  Is it quitting refined sugar all together?  Finding a coach to support you along your health and fitness journey?  Giving yourself an incentive like a massage or a trip if you stick to your plan?

Obstacles to Overcome
What potential obstacles could get in the way of achieving your goal and what will you do to overcome these obstacles.  For example:

  • My life is just so busy – things in my life come up at the last minute that ‘bump’ my workouts… To overcome this, I will be diligent in scheduling my 3 workouts per week. I will aim to get my workouts in the morning before my day gets crazy.  I will always have my gym ‘go bag’ ready and by the door.
  • My child gets sent home sick and I miss a workout… To overcome this, I will first take care of my child but once they are settled in I will have a ‘go to’ workout that I can do at home.
  • My spouse comes home with a nice pint of my favorite Ben and Jerry’s… To avoid eating ice cream, I will revisit this goals workbook and refocus on my why. I will eat fruit for a nice sweet treat and I will sip some herbal tea.
  • Work / life gets crazy – there is just no time to be taking care of myself… To overcome this, I will remember that I must first take care of myself before I can take care of anyone else. I am at my best for everyone else when I take care of myself first.  If I don’t take care of myself – I can’t take care of anyone else.

What is the difference that will make the difference?
If you have set similar goals in the past, what is the difference this time that will make the difference in the long term?

goal commitment

Take time to internalize this.  This is YOUR year!  You deserve to live your very best life!  Don’t let anything get in your way this time.  This time you are ready – you have you solid WHY, you have your action plan in place, and you have your team to support you.  You are the 8% of people who are going to achieve their goals this year.  2017 is going to be the best year ever!

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Happy New Year!



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