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Life is just so busy.  It is difficult to prioritize our health and fitness when we have so many other responsibilities in both our professional and personal lives. Making the commitment to carve time out for our health and fitness has an incredible ROI and builds leverage in so many other aspects of our lives.  Get Active is our final Habit for Massive Impact.  To recap, our Habits for Massive Impact are as follows:

Habits for Massive Impact
Drink More Water
Eat Whole Foods Only
Eat More – Eat Consistently Throughout the Day
Start Your Day Right
Get Active

a new person is born in 9 months

Getting active in your daily life will make all the things you love to do become so much more enjoyable.  Just like waking up each morning and brushing our teeth being active should be part of our weekly routine.   Being active on a weekly basis is attainable even with our busy schedule.  If you find a program that combines the 6 components for success: strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, flexibility, coaching, and nutrition you will be able to achieve your health and fitness goals with just 3 – 30 minute training sessions per week.  OK – being realistic, we need time to warm up and cool down so let’s call the training session one hour.  Let’s do the math on this one – we need 3 hours per week for training.  There are 168 hours in a week so training is just 1.8% of your week.

Investing your time and energy training just three times a week is going to give you an incredible ROI and build leverage for you in all other aspects of your life.  When people commit to healthy living, they gain confidence, increase their energy levels, and overall outlook on life.  This shift permeates every other aspect of a person’s life.  They have better relationships, are able to advance at work faster, and feel happier overall.  Committing to getting active on a consistent basis is going to set you up for a lifestyle that provides happiness, energy, and strength in all facets of your life.

Taking the first step to an active life can be very difficult and overwhelming at first.  Before you let these feeling of overwhelm take over you, take the time to think about your goals and why these goals are important to you. Think about what you will gain in your life by committing to healthy living.  Think about what you want your life to look like in the future.  Visualize what your life will look like in 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years from now.  Think about what you have in life today that you don’t want.  Think about what you want in life that you don’t have.  Think about what obstacles could get in your way to reach your goals and come up with strategies proactively to overcome those obstacles. Taking this time to visualize your life will enhance your motivation and confidence as you are working towards achieving your goals.

When designing your training program – consider training for the activities you enjoy outside the gym.  A functional training style prepares your body for everyday life and will give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of results.  To maximize your time efficiency consider working compound movements into your workout.  Compound movements are exercises that involve more than one muscle group.  An example of a compound movement is a squat with an overhead press. Designing your workout with compound movements will make the most out of the time you have available to workout and will get you great results fast.

Proper form and technique is critical when working out.  You want to ensure that you are using proper form so that you won’t get injured and so that you are maximizing the results you get with each movement.

Ready to get started at home?  I had our trainer team design a highly effective 30 minute TABATA style workout using only your own bodyweight to get you started.  Practice this workout 3 times per week for a month and marvel at the results.  Download this workout here:



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